Jerusalem clashes, how does the world react?

Since Friday morning, the area of Jerusalem and around it witnessed a fierce spike in violence between Palestinians who protested the installation of metal detectors at the gates of the Old City in response to an attack by a Palestinian gunman there, and the Israeli police standing on those gates. As a result, the world started to be concerned by this crisis, asking both sides to calm down.

In a joint statement, the USA, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations said that they “are deeply concerned by the escalating tensions and violent clashes taking place in and around the Old City of Jerusalem”. They also called both sides to restraint.

In addition to that, Egypt, France and Sweden requested a meeting at the UN Security Council to discuss this issue urgently.

Palestinians, especially those living inside and near Jerusalem, refused what happened around the golden mosque! Jerusalem’s senior Muslim cleric, Grand Mufti Muhammad Hussein, said that he rejects Israeli restrictions at the Al-Aqsa.

Likewise, Ismail Haniya, Hamas Political desk, said during his sermon on Friday, urged that Palestinians shall not enter Al-Aqsa mosque through metal detectors, and that, “we are acting to bring Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem back into the embrace of the Arab world!”

A lot of Arabs living inside Israel believe that things will get worse if Israel does not stop its procedures. Arab member of Israeli keenest, Taleb Abu Arar, stated that the Israeli actions at the Mosque and changing the status quo by placing metal detectors, will necessarily lead to a third intifada, “that already began today.”

Ahmad Tibi, who is also an Arab member in the Keenest, said that the Israeli government and its head, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, are responsible for the clashes and those who died during them.

“Netanyahu said there are metal detectors in mecca, but mecca is not under occupation!” added Tibi.

On the other hand, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has cut his visit to China and came back to Palestine. As soon as he entered his presidential office in Ramallah, he had a meeting and decided to freeze all ties with Israeli government in all levels, “until recent decisions on Al-Aqsa backtracked.”

However, It is not clear if that means security coordination between Israeli forces and the PA forces will be halted.

Relatively, People of Gaza, who also protested against the detectors, feared that this crisis would reflect on them negatively.

Mohammed Abu-Aref, Gazan graduate, said Gaza might witness a war very soon since things in Jerusalem are really worsened!

“Whenever something happens in Jerusalem or in the West Bank between Israelis and Palestinians, Israel tries to deliver the crises to Gaza by starting a new war” Added Mohammed.

Emad Salama, a Palestinian Imam, stressed his absolute rejection of the electronic gates!

“We are Muslims, and we have to enter our mosque whenever we want, and without entering the gates through those metal detectors!”

Israeli procedures faced growing criticism from the Muslim world. Jordan, where thousands staged protests against the metal detectors, appealed to Israel to remove the devices as soon as possible.

Demonstrations were also seen in Turkey, Egypt and many Muslim and Arab countries!

Turkish PM, Binali Yildirim, said his country is in touch with Israel to try to end the crisis, saying that limits imposed on Muslim prayers would not contribute to a solution.

Pope Frances appealed for moderation after what the old city witnessed. He also invited others to pray with his so both sides would reconcile.

“I feel the need to express a distressed appeal for moderation and dialogue.” Expressed Pope.

The situations in Jerusalem are getting from bad to worse, while there are no solutions in the sight! International efforts are being done, but Palestinians assert that electronic detectors must be taken away, while Israel says it will not back off!


Mohammed Arafat





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