Meet the Interns



Raphael Eissa


Raphael is a student at University of Georgia, double majoring in Political Science and International Affairs. As a Coptic Orthodox Christian, he is dedicated to the plight of religious minorities in the Middle East. He hopes to enter a career preserving human rights in the region. He is on the National Students for Justice in Palestine Steering Committee, and is an executive board member of his university’s chapter. He is currently starting the first campus chapter of Christians United for Palestine.


Osama Elmor


Osama is a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Microbiology. As a pre-medical student, he aspires to provide medical services to Palestinians as a future doctor. As a Palestinian and as a member of his university’s Athens for Justice in Palestine, he aims to make Palestine solidarity work and organizing an integral part of his career. He is particularly interested in the subject of joint struggle between oppressed peoples and its potential in resisting interconnected forms of oppression. He is a known coffee enthusiast.


Harmony Caponio


Harmony is a student and employee at Santa Rosa Junior College double majoring in Sociology and Religious Studies. She is a ministry leader at a Pentecostal church, where she also teaches Bible studies. She is an active member of North Coast Coalition for Palestine in Santa Rosa and NorCal Friends of Sabeel. Her passion for activism comes from her background in foster care, being raised in a state of constant displacement, marginalization, and poverty. As a longtime advocate for marginalized youth, the focus of her education is social justice: politically, economically, and religiously, emphasizing the importance of cultural competence.


Tammara Nassar

Tammara Nassar

Tammara is a Palestinian undergraduate student at Lawrence University, majoring in History and Political Science. She founded the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at her university, and is now working to launch Divestment before graduation. Her academic interests and pursuits include but are not limited to: post-colonial theory in the Palestinian question, contemporary critical theory with a concentration on Semitic theory, United States foreign policy, and themes of intersectionality and solidarity between the Black Liberation movement in the United States and Palestinian struggle on the ground and in diaspora. Her upcoming chapbook, Giving Birth at Qalandia, is planned for publication in the Summer of 2016.


Melissa Otero


Melissa grew up in Yuma, a small Arizona town bordering both Mexico and California but now resides in northern California.  She is entering into the senior year of her bachelor’s degree at the University of California-Santa Cruz, where she is majoring in social-cultural and environmental anthropology. Her focus is upon the Middle East region and predominately Israel/Palestine. She has primarily researched afforestation projects in Israel/Palestine and its effect upon Palestinians, including their right to return.